MiniComTM Remote Monitoring Controller

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A Controller for Remote Sound-Capture Surveillance

Controller for remote room monitoring based on a standard speakerphone or an in-wall Speaker Pad, by calling from a remote off-site phone or cell phone. Directly connects to the phone speaker, for a full two-way communication by way of Auto-Answer and in a hands-free style by individual being monitored. The connection may also be for the caller to just listen in. When the remote caller hangs up, the box resets itself for the next call. No problem if the call gets disconnected for network reason (i.e. poor connection), the box automatically resets itself for a subsequent repeat call or the next call.

Optional loud open voice page from remote land-line phone or cell phone calling into on-site special speakers or PA system. This for advanced residential or commercial applications. With the Cell Phone Module that provides a landline from the cell line, may operate without a billable landline from the local Telco.

Features a small box that sits on the floor or easily wall-mountable, into which you plug a standard speakerphone. Place the speakerphone as close as possible to the expected source of sound. Plug the phone line into the box with a standard phone cord.

Great for remote voice monitoring of the handicapped, elderly or bed-ridden ill. The monitoring provided by MiniCom preserves the privacy of the surveilled individual, in several ways: a) it does not allow video capture in any way. b) it requires the monitoring to be instated at the surveilled end of the monitoring via a command entered on the capturing phone.

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