BelAnnouncerTM Door Alert System - Package 6

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Heavy-Duty Door Entry Bell Announcer

Have your commercial or industrial entry doors trigger a strong audible bell sound at the push of a doorbell button or automatically as a customer walks in.

Convenient for noisy environments like auto shops, large utility outfits like hangars, and other hardware outfits. Able to also accommodate a visual lighting signal from strobe lights for a totally undisturbing annunciator as needed. Light signals convenient for quiet outfits that may not tolerate loud announcer sounds like churches, clinics and the like. Separate sound and light devices for better placement convenience. Triggers trigger both the audible signal and the lighting signal.

This package includes: Qx-9 Controller - (1) Doorbell Pushbutton - (1) Extra-Loud Electronic Bell - (1) 16VAC Transformer


Instead of a magnetic sensor, you may add wired wired doorbell pushbuttons of different fixtures, so that you can get an output signal, sound or light, when the guest pushes the button. When using a sensor, you may occasionally prop the door open for a while while keeping the alert device(s) inactive, as provided by the built-in keylock.

You can add to this package commercial/institutional-grade doorbell pushbuttons if you so desire for durability and weather-proofing. Available in both flush-mount and surface-mount boxes.

You may add a wireless extension to this Package in order to have the outside pushbutton connect with the indoor devices (sound, light, etc) in a wireless fashion, via the Control box. The wireless receiver will be located in the Control box as an add-on. If you choose to have the signal being triggered instead of the push of a button, you can add the extension with wireless magnetic sensor head. These options can be seen under Buzzer and Announcer Accessories. Other packages for this Doorbell Announcer with a different lineup of parts are available as well.

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