ChiminTM Doorbell Kit w. Surface-Mount Pushbutton

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Three features characterize the ChiminTM Door chimes.

1.- They showcase a commercial-grade doorbell pushbutton. With the option of a 12VDC Adaptor to substitute the conventional dry cell battery.
2.- They allow you to choose between 52 different tunes and melodies for your doorbell sound.
3.- They offer a wireless link between the door entry pushbutton and the interior chime unit.

This product is not your typical domestic doorbell. It is a commercial-grade doorbell product for commercial or institutional outfits with a moderate or large flow of customers. It features a heavy- duty nickel doobell button in weather-resistant box, with a Bell stamp. The adjustable sound level is a moderate 70 dB at its highest, soft enough for quiet interiors. You may choose between a single flat Ding, Ding Dong sounds like domestic doorbells, and a whole range of 30-sec wesminster melodies.

Delivers a wireless range of about 500 ft in outfits exempt of metal walling. Presence of metal walling or very heavy concrete will diminish the range accordingly. The chime unit simply plugs into an interior power outlet and requires no battery. You may use the exterior Doorbell box on metal fencing without the risk of diminishing the wireless transmission range of the device.

May be used either with the included 12VDC battery or with a 12VDC Adapter (not included). Adapter is convenient for saving you the bother of changing battery periodically, which comes handy for outfits with a significant flow of visiting customers.

You may add a magnetic sensor to this product if you so desire so that you may at times allow free access while still getting an alert upon ingress by customers. When using this device with a magnetic sensor, you may not prop the door open while keeping the chime silent. See the BelAnnouncer doorbells for such. See the same if you need to more than 500 ft wireless range for your doorbell.

This offer includes a Surface-mount Doorbell Pushbutton. See package with Flush-mount Doorbell box for an alternative. Other industrial or commercial doorbells here.

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