OverCeeTM Anti-Theft POS Surveillance System

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Anti-Theft Video Surveillance for your Point of Sale (POS) System

If you are frequently registering conflicts and difficulties of all sorts at end-of-day reconciliation at your retail store, it's time to submit to the evidence of thefts taking place and take measures to prevent thieves or dishonest employees from ruining your business. There are at least 12 different kinds of known ways that a sale clerk may harm your business at the checkout cashier point.

The OverCeeTM System is your ally when it comes to prevent and stop theft abuses to your establishment at the cashier machine. It is designed to capture from a security camera the POS Transaction screen, on which it overlays text captured from your Price Display, by interacting with your computerized Point of Sale Terminal thru a serial port. The OverCeeTM surveillance system is compatible with all POS Systems with a detached serial (RS-232) Price Pole Display. It is compatible with all our SharpPOINTS POS machines.

The transactional video is output to a recording device of your choice, preferably a computer-based DVR or NVR. The OverCeeTM Controller is programmed thru a host computer to detect 12 different kinds of events or flagged transactions, and to log the transactional video events for later review. The output video displays up to 10 lines of transactions overlaid on screen picture of the point of sale and 40 characters per line. It pinpoints with blinking text such flagged transactions as as VOID, NO SALES, REFUND, etc., which are the kinds of transactions prone to theft. The log of raised transaction flags is expandable to 1000 entries.

Designed for a single cash register, it supports up to 1080 HD Video from the Video Camera. Video output is given on a BNC video composite jack or optionally on an Ethernet Port for connectivity with an NVR such as the Vizzio security monitoring systems.

Easy to install. Simply position the camera at a suitable location for the best screen capture of the point of sale Terminal with the operating clerk. The camera needs to be plugged into a power outlet via a 12V Adaptor. Whether you keep the camera hidden or visible remains at your discretion. Place the Controller near the POS computer and plug it into the RS-232 serial port; it is a small desktop unit with size of 4"(W) x 4" (L) x 1" (H). The Controller needs to be connected as well to the host computer via a network cable. We do not at all recommend to use the POS computer as host. Use a different one for such.

This product includes: (1) Wireless Video Camera - (1) OverCeeTM Controller.

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