Vizzio IP Video Surveillance System - Wireless Pack 2

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Flexible IP Audio-Video Surveillance for Residential - Institutional & Commercial Settings

The Vizzio IP NVR System includes wireless cameras for easy installation. The Vizzio IP NVR System is a performance surveillance solution providing thorough monitoring for your home, business or institutional facility for a maximum of 16 cameras. An idle split screen shows all your cameras and you may instantly display a full-screen view of any area under surveillance, interior or exterior, at any time. You may view the footage of your cameras either directly on the monitoring station, your tablet devices or remotely on your iPhones or Android phones via the Smartphone app provided. You may as well perform reviewing and administrative tasks from a remote or off-site computer. View real-time video at 720p or 960p resolution with intuitive pan/tilt capability with optional PTZ cameras.

Other important features includes:

  • Zone groupings
  • Splitting of monitoring screen in any partitioning affording a split screen for every camera
  • Roll-over recording or fixed storage space recording on hard drive
  • Individual recording plans for each camera (day of week, time of day, or a set calendar period)
  • Alarm based on a pre-determined event for each camera footage, recording of standstill screenshots as desired
  • Remote configuring of camera devices
  • Self-maintenance of recorded video files.
  • WiFi integration, e-maps, etc.

Recommended maximum amount of cameras for this package: 8 cameras. You may add more but expect somewhat jaggy video on the video split screens. For an enhanced system for 9 to 16 cameras see the Vizzio Qv-4 station.

This Package includes: (1) 19" Monitoring Station w. (1) TB Storage - (4) wireless IP-CWX Cameras - (1) Comprehensive User Manual

This is video surveillance system is essentially a multi-camera system which is set to display into one main Monitoring station, with the ability to add a few secondary monitoring displays. For a system with a large number of monitoring displays from one main camera such as an Entry point system, please visit the Door Entry Systems section. For partial video systems or kits, other offers in this section.

For other options in camera security systems and parts, please visit this .

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