CelBel Q-13M Cellphone Doorphone - Package 3

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This CelBelTM Doorphone system provides door answering service with door release capability from the user's smartphone. It will ring your smartphone upon a guest pressing the call button for the owner to subsequently converse and eventually release the door to grant access. This package is especially suited for doors or gates with an arcane type of doorlock that is unsuitable for simple doorstrikes. It includes an electromagnetic lock which can always be used as an overlay to the current locking mechanism. Includes as well a keychain remote for door/gate release from outside at a distance. Will work with as many remotes as you might need. Simply add the extra ones needed.

With a UniPort power module that makes it all very easy to install at the door entry side. If you have a live doorbell line available at the entry point, simply connect it to the Module and no other need for power hookup for the entire setup. The UniPort module carries an EXIT pushbutton for guests or customers to egress the location by themselves. The Keylock plate works as an exterior master key.

This package includes: (1) CelBel Doorphone Station - (1) UniPort Module - (1) Electromagnetic Lock - (1) Keylock Plate - and (1) 16VAC Transformer (for convenience). See the Accessories section for any desired extra, such as keychain remotes, Access Keypad, etc.

When choosing between a package with an electromagnetic lock and another with an electric deadbolt, one point to keep in mind is that the electromagnet is made up of two parts that will require professional alignment to make them come together for proper operation, while the deadbolt is less stringent to align. Smartphone not included.

If you also need access control of the door via a locking device, see the packages that include a variety of locking devices, such as doorstrike, deadbolt, electromagnetic lock, etc.

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