LarmalertTM Cell Phone Announcer System

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LarmalertTM Alarm Security/Announcer System

LarmalertTM is a security alarm controller that doubles up as a cell phone alert or announcer system which alerts the cell phone bearer upon ingress thru an entry point by a guest or customer. The ingress signal may be provided either by a magnetic sensor upon pushing the door open or by a pushbutton stroke from the guest or customer.

LarmalertTM requires a connection to a phone line, so that it can use that line in order to call out the pre-registered cell phone number and so provide the activation alert. Any inexpensive line may be used for that purpose such as those provided by a VOIP service like MagicJack or others. A keypad on the device allows for recording the desired phone number. Because any valid phone number may be entered, LarmalertTM is not limited to reach cell phones only but any landline phone as well.

When the head signal by the sensor or the switch is detected, LarmalertTM opens a 60-second time window in which the call to the cell phone will be extended. The call is automatically dropped at expiration of that time window. The user identifies the meaning of the call from its origin or the name that appears on the Caller ID screen, per suitable presets. For instance, the user may edit the Caller ID info on his or her phone for this line with a meaningfully appropriate name (i.e. Warehouse Delivery), so that those calls may be readily identified.

Many more than one entry point with sensor or pushbutton may be handled by the LarmalertTM Controller. In addition, all triggering sensors or pushbuttons may either be wired to the Controller or more conveniently connected to the Controller in a wireless fashion. Our whole line of commercial-grade entry Pushbuttons are available to use with LarmalertTM, whether wired or reliable wireless, as seen in the Buzzer and Announcer Accessories section.

In addition to triggering a call to a cellphone, LarmalertTM will release as well an alerting sound, with either the pitch of a siren or a bell-buzzer, selectable at purchase, in order to alert the attendant. Select the siren for a security application, for a doorbell-announcer type of application select the bell pitch instead. The sounder may be disabled altogether if undesired. Further a keylock is provided to arm and disarm the Controller at will.

When used for alarm security purposes, this controller will provide security services to be directly supervised by owner or premise administrator. There is no associated monitoring service, hence no binding contract.

This kit includes: (1) LarmalertTM Controller - (1) Mini Wired Pushbutton or (1) Magnetic Sensor

For other options in mobile announcer systems, see the BelAnnouncer Mobile Alert System here. For a cell phone entry system with video and communication capabilities, please see the CelBel Systems.

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