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Announcer System with Mobile Buzzer

This Mobile Alert Buzzer provides a mobile buzzing signal to an Attendant who is constantly moving away from his/her sitting location. The device features pocket size, the Attendant unplugs and pockets the device when moving away. Moving away within a range of about 120ft? No problem. Moving away within a range of about 1000ft? No problem. Simply select the appropriate range for your needs. Keep in mind that in a premise with heavy concrete walling or metal walling, the wireless range of the mobile device will decrease accordingly. In that event, and should you be looking for physical coverage of about 120t, choose instead the option for 1000ft wireless range.

The Alert Buzzer device sits on the Attendant's desktop on standby while being plugged to a charging Adapter. It is supplied with a built-in rechargeable battery which provides 6-8 hours of autonomy under normal usage. No limitation as to the number of mobiles supported by this system. The mobile buzzer device features pocket size, the Attendant unplugs and pockets the device when moving away. It produces a soft buzzing sound with some vibration when activated.


Should you need in addition to mobile buzzers an additional audible bell sound at the push of that doorbell button or automatically as a customer walks in, or even a lighting strobe signal, you may have a bell, a magnetic sensor and/or a strobe light of choice wired to the Controller to provide those additional signals. Convenient for noisy environments like auto shops, large utility outfits like hangars, and other hardware outfits. We provide a variety of those output devices so you may conveniently use the appropriate one. For instance, instead of standard mini pushbutton, you may choose an industrial- or commercial-grade doorbell pushbutton for durability and weather-proofing. Or a magnetic sensor, if you want an output response upon your guests opening the door instead of pushing a doorbell button.

When using a sensor, you may occasionally prop the door open for a while while keeping the alert device(s) inactive, as provided by the built-in keylock. The duration of the output signals for the devices tied to the Controller may readily be adjusted from 1 sec to 60 sec. Two selectable levels of sound are also provided.

The basic package includes: (1) Qx-9 Controller with built-in wireless Transmitter - (1) Mini Doorbell Pushbutton - (1) Mobile Buzzer with rechargeable battery - (2) 12VDC Adapters

Options that are not available to select here may be reviewed and picked in the Buzzer and Announcer Accessories section. Other packages for this Doorbell Announcer with a different lineup of parts are available as well.

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