BelPanel DLP-6WS Wireless Multi-Unit Doorbell/Door Buzzer

Multi-Unit Doobell/Door Release System for Small Condo/Office Buildings

Cost-effective yet attractive Apartment Doorbell System for a maximum of 6 Condo/Office suites. Also with ability to release Entry door by residents via an Apartment pushbutton. All Wireless: plug-in chime units and wireless in-wall/battery-operated pushbuttons for door release.

Use this System for 2-suite, 4-suite and 6-suite apartment or office buildings. For 3-suite or 5-suite buildings will be equipped with the exact amount of pushbuttons that you need it for upon request. Unused buttons will have a seamless black hole plug as a placeholder, as shown. Will deliver this warm residential look that you are looking for for your medium-size building.

If you need a Panel with Names and customizable Apartment numbers, please see the equivalent BellGuard systems.

Note that this is strictly a doorbell-door control system with no intercom. See other versions of this system with intercom capability if so desired. You may review here
our large selection of multi-family doorbell systems.

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