Mobile Alert Buzzer - Premium

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The Mobile Alert Buzzer provides a mobile buzzing signal to an Attendant who is constantly moving away from his/her sitting location. The device features pocket size, the Attendant unplugs and pockets the device when moving away. Moving around as far away as about 1000ft? No problem. The wireless coverage set for this version of the device is 1000ft. line of sight. Obstacles in between such as heavy concrete walls or metal walling may diminish the range.

This device is a component that requires a Controller to properly operate. The Mobile Alert Buzzer device works as an extension to the Quantometrix door alert controllers. Order this device to add an additional mobile buzzer to the constituted System.

The Alert Buzzer device sits on the Attendant's desktop on standby while being plugged to a charging Adapter. With a built-in rechargeable battery which provides 6-8 hours of autonomy under normal usage.

Should your need be for just about 120ft of wireless coverage - Line of sight, please see this offer. To review a package that includes all the parts for a complete system, please review this offer.

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