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This is a Heavy-duty wireless Pushbutton Extension for our Buzzers and Announcer Controllers. This device plays the role of a transmitter paired with a built-in receiver housed in the Controller. Features 120ft of short range airborne transmission or 1000 ft long range airborne transmission. The add-on receiver is added to the Controller when this item is ordered as part of a kit or package, or together with a Controller, as a built-in part.

Offers a pristine stainless steel look with textured finish. Features a heavy-duty nickel pushbutton with a bell stamp. Comes with a Flush-Mount plastic box. Use this wireless extension when no wire install is preferred or necessary, at a commercial or institutional entry door with significant traffic.

Comes with a 12V dry cell battery, as well as a DC jack for plugging in an Adapter. Use the Adapter whenever you want to do away with periodic replacement of a battery, whenever a power outlet is available at the back room to tap in.

Keep in mind that the wireless range of this unit may be reduced if there are heavy obstacles in the way such as metal walling or heavy concrete. When in doubt, preferably order the 1000 ft long range transmission unit.

This product is made up of two separate items: (1) Pushbutton Transmitter unit - Flush-Mount + (1) Add-on Receiver card (for the Controller).

See the available surface-mount version here.

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