D-StrikerTM Anti-Vandal Door Locking System-Package2

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D-Striker System for Anti-Theft/Anti-Vandal Safety and Security

This D-Striker package is primarily intended for anti-theft security applications such as shoplifting prevention: when you want to lock up the entry of your establishment so the shoplifter does not leave the establishment with stolen merchandise.

Or for safety when you want to lockup the shop entry door in order to prevent ingress to derelict guest or customers. A wireless hand remote may be added to the package so that you are able to handily lockup the door at any moment from any place . The wireless extension with a hand remote strongly recommended as an add-on for those kinds of applications.

Other instance where you want to use this D-Striker system is when you need to remotely exercise access control to a swinging door which sweeps both inward and outward.

This package includes: Qx-4 D-Striker Control Module - (1) Electromagnetic Lock - (1) 12VDC Adapter.

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