UniPort Door Ingress-Egress Control System - Package 5

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Universal Door Buzzer System

The UniPort Door Ingress-Egress Control System is the perfect fit for situations where both ingress and egress control are required. It is also and adequate choice for doors whose doorlock latch would not match any available doorstrike, or would otherwise require an expensive specialized strike. Essentially fit for any kind of door.

UniPort is especially fit for commercial double glass doors where the use of standard electric doorstrikes are simply impractical and inappropriate. So UniPort door buzzer systems can be used virtually with any type of door and existing doorlock for an access control application.

UniPort works even for doors without a lock. UniPort also comes very handy when you are not allowed to make significant hardware changes to the doorlock system of the rental establishment as could be necessary for a doorstrike.

The UniPort Control box works as an Exit pushbutton device as well, it is to be located near the door as desired so the visitor or customer exiting the establishment can do so by himself/herself by pushing the EXIT-stamped pushbutton located on it. Otherwise it may be located near the attendant's desk if he or she ought to grant egress.

This Package adds a motion sensor to the setup so that the door may unlock just as the incoming or exiting customer walks up to the door. Simply install the sensor at the indoor side of the door top if you want automatic release as the customer exits the location. Install the sensor instead at the outdoor side of the door top if you want automatic release as the customer approaches the doors. When the sensor is used as an egress control device, it acts as a secondary means to release the entry door, while the UniPort module with the built-in Exit button stands for the primary means for exit.

This system may be used with either a deadbolt or an electromagnet for the door locking device, as best fits the door. When ingress is granted, a buzzing sound accompanies the unlocking action to alert the incoming guest or customer that he/she is being granted access.

This package includes: UniPort Control Box w. Keys - (1) Electric Deadbolt - A Keylock plate with Keys - (1) Stand-Alone mini pushbutton - (1) Specialized Motion Sensor - (1) 12VDC Transformer.

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