Price Management with Multiple Pricing Points per Period

Price Management w. Multiple Pricing Levels

Price Management with Ample Pricing Points and Applicability

SharpPOINTSTM features ample price management capabilities. First it allows the owner to set 5 different price points for every stock item. This capacity comes handy when you run a manufacturing operation of some kind with a sale outlet, whereby you release products to market which will be accessible to different distribution segments in addition to end consumers. Same if you are a distributor who sells to retailers and end customers. To each segment of the market you will naturally sell the item at different discounted prices. This POS system will allow you to conveniently set 5 different price points to be assigned to each market segment. Additionally, capacity for a rental price is disponible as well.

In addition this Point of Sale Software allows you to set a different lineup of prices for determined periods of your election, giving you ample flexibility in setting up price policy and well as seasonal price changes, adjustments or sales. You set your start date and end date for each price range or price lineup. You may set any number of different periods of application for your different price ranges.