Ability to Handle Surcharges on All or Specific Items

Application of Blanket or Specific Surcharges

Specific or Blanket Application of surcharges on stock items

In many cases creating classes and subclasses for a store’s retail products is not a requirement in the process of building up product inventory into the POS system. In some other cases it is a must however. For instance, if you are going to apply surcharges to some or all of the of the items in the store, for one reason or another, you must create classes and subclasses for your products in SharpPOINTSTM.

If your store is located i.e. in an area that requires a local fee for certain expended items, SharpPOINTSTM will help you handle that fee as a surcharge on the price of those items, thru class and sub-classes as duly applied to the items at setup. This surcharge obviously applies in addition to any sale tax in effect for the same item. Easy to setup, and once done the Terminal will automatically enter that surcharge amount every time the item is checked out at the sale counter, and on the sale receipt as well.