Menu Buttons with Selectable Colors or Pictures of Choice

Mixed POS Sales Mode

    Example of a Sale Mode screen with custom Menu buttons fashioned by the Owner.

In SharpPOINTSTM this sort of form for capturing sale transactions is very appropriate for smaller retail or service outlets. In particular, establishments with limited number of items that can be thoroughly displayed on a Monitor screen via individual buttons for quick selection will be well served. This sort of sale screen is typically of convenience for such smaller stores or service outlets as ice cream/yogurt store, hair salon, car wash, etc. Works very well with a touchscreen for extremely expedient checkout.

Note that the stack of multi-colored buttons may be organized in multiple pages. These pages are individually selectable by the row of larger buttons at the bottom to allow for expedient navigation. Even when the number of buttons or selling items may be quite sizable, this flexible and compact presentation makes menu navigation very easy. That is typically the case in a quick serve restaurant or food shop or truck with a respectable list of serve options.