Loyalty Program

Gathering Customer Info within Loyalty Program

Running a Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs in retail have become very popular both with store owners and consumers. Customers get precious discounts that are commensurate with their loyalty to the store, store owners boost their sales with recurrent sales from loyal customers. SharpPOINTSTM gives you the means to effortlessly run your Loyalty Program and dramatically increase sales for the store.

The screenshot above shows the form for customer info gathering. Whether you run the program based on the customer's telephone number or a card with a UPC code, the entire process is the same. The more the customer purchases at the store, or the more points he/she accumulates, the greater the rewards in terms of sales discounts which are effected by point redemptions.

Note such data points on the form as "Total Sales" for that customer, "First Purchase Date" for the customer and even "Credit Limit". The Customer Maintenance form gathers all customer related info toward handling all forms of discount granting handled in the system including Loyalty discounts.