Deep and Extensive Inventory Management

Deep and Detailed Inventory Capture

Inventory Management with Detailed Status of Stock or Service Items

SharpPOINTSTM offers more than traditional inventory management functionalities. It will help you take off your head the unrelenting burden of constantly tracking your inventory, or relieve you from cumbersome paper-based tracking. It registers information about your specific items as well as information about the particular stock they belong to.

UPC codes and barcodes and SKU numbers identifying items or stocks are all registered by the system. The attributes of each of your items are captured and registered down to image level of the item if you so desire, as shown below. Automated handling of your stock inventory will so help you avoid losses due to either small or serious mistakes in stock item identification.

Ruby Ring as a Stock Item

Picture of a Ruby Ring as a Stock Item

Further the program will critically remind you to re-order beforehand items whose stock has diminished below a set bottom threshold. In that manner, you will never run out of selling items. And because all info relating to sales of an item are there for you review, you know how much stock of an item to reorder to avoid excessive or insufficient stocking.