Support for Rental Establishments

Setting up POS Screen for Rental

Example of POS Setup for Rental Transactions

Whether you have a standard rental establishment or one of those many peculiar ones out there, SharpPOINTS is ready to help capture and process your transactions from beginning to end. In standard rental, customers borrow an item, at times with an upfront partial fee, to return the item days or weeks later, with surcharges applying when the deadline for return has expired by the time the return is effected. SharpPOINTSTM fully captures the many different transaction steps involved in this type of standard rental operation.

Other forms of rental SharpPOINTS has been able to support are for instance boat tours where an artifact is given to the customer which needs to be returned at end of the tour later in the day with charges applying depending on the use of the artifact. The specificities of these types of operations are fully supported by the built-in rental interface as well.