Handles Consignment Sale Transactions

Sales Clerks Info Gathering

    A view of the form with which consignment information about a received item is gathered.

Among the several different forms of sale transactions that the SharpPOINTSTM handles at the sale counter is the consignment form of sale, whereby an item in received over the counter for future sale, with all the associated information such as asking price by the seller, item description, the set selling price to end customer, etc. A typical example of this form of transaction is when a book title is handed over by an author to the bookstore admin or owner. The item is received and placed on shelf for sale to the visiting store clientele. When the item is sold at the counter, then the sale clerk or owner reconciles the sale against the author's due and notifies the same. The system handles the entire history and processes involved in this type of transaction extended over a period of time.

Note that the item may have been received either over the counter and registered with the POS sale Terminal or at warehouse and registered with the Administrative machine if one has been put to use. Also note that this type of transaction is different from counter-level purchase transactions by owner from customers or individuals with used items, typically known as pawn, or counter-level buying and selling as exemplified in cell phone stores which SharpPOINTS is able to handle as well.