Optional Wholesale Module

Wholesale Transactions

Handles wholesale and resale based on product price categorization

In the retail world, the distinction between wholesaler, reseller and retailer basically hinges on pricing of products or solid stock items. When considering using SharpPOINTSTM for wholesale, it is important to understand that it does not cater to distinctions based on a percentage level discount depending on Quantity. It preferably caters to types of buyers, the relevant attributes of whom are gathered in their profiles in the system. SharpPOINTSTM will apply the desired particular price for a product to a particular customer or group of customers. Every product in the system offers a broad range of 6 different applicable prices that are well defined, such are Retail Price, Wholesale Price, etc., along with two User-Defined Prices, one of which could be Resale or Dealer Price if the owner wanted to implement one. Every customer profile attaches his/her transactions to a chosen price, the default being the universal Retail price applicable to all if no other provision.

The POS sale capture screen is set by default to apply the Retail price for entered products. To capture Wholesale transactions, the clerk must first enable the wholesale mode with a Wholesale button on screen. When the customer ID is subsequently entered, which is the customer's phone number, the system presets the particular price category pertaining to his/her profile for its application to the sale transaction. Thereafter the entire order as scanned or picked from the menu buttons is executed on that set price category.

Note that an additional percentage discount level may be applied to all Price categories, as set in each customer profile, if so desired or found suitable by the store owner. While discounts in general may be applied within all types of checkout sessions possible in the system, it is not possible to select different prices from the price range for products during a checkout session. Consequently, you may not sell an item at Retail Price and others at Wholesale price during one checkout session. The eventuality of that need being unlikely, two different sessions are necessary for such, the clerk would ring one item or group of items first and the other group of items second.

Last but not least, in a SharpPOINTSTM multi-terminal system a store owner may perfectly have one or several terminals dedicated to Retail and one or several others dedicated to Wholesale or Resale. This is simply done by usage, not by specific restrictions in the overall system.

So therefore SharpPOINTSTM not only gives the store owner a variety of tools to handle sales on the retail floor, but it is also equipped to give you the means to execute wholesale transactions as well. Whether your business is retail in a section of the floor and wholesale in another section, or outright completely wholesale, with the SharpPOINTS's wholesale module incorporated, you will be in full command.