Built-in Barcode Labeler

Printing Barcodes with the POS machine

Printing UPC product barcodes with the SharpPOINTS machine

SharpPOINTSTM  offers an integrated Barcode Labeler, a capability that is paramount for certain storefront retailing. The system will not only scan barcode labels on stock items received into the store and expended at the sale counter, but also generates barcode signage to be attached to the items arriving at the store without barcode labels or perhaps with a damaged label. This situation usually applies to service tickets in service establishments such as a cleaning service, as well as used, refurbished, in-house manufactured products or certain off-shore manufactured products, among other things.

Note that the language used by this system is the Zebra barcode language. So be sure to obtain Zebra compatible barcode labels if you intent to generate barcodes. You willneed proper formatted labels or label sheets along with a Zebra-compatible barcode printer if you intend to routinely print product barcodes for your stock or service items. For occasional barcode printing, some may want to help themselves with a standard laser printer printing a few labels on a letter-size paper sheet, ready to be cut and attached to the item(s) or a ticket.