Integrated Payment Processing with Card Readers & Pinpads

Payment Method Options

Capability for a Multiplicity of Payment Methods

SharpPOINTSTM has the ability to capture payments from your store clientele thru a multiplicity of payment methods, namely: Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Bank check, Credit note, Gift Card and Voucher. The POS Terminal comes with an attached magnetic card reader that can read the popular three tracks in credit, debit and gift cards. Therefore SharpPOINTSTM stands ready to process virtually any type of payment at all your checkout points.

Be mindful however that to process credit card with the POS Terminal via the attached magnetic card reader, you will need to have a payment gateway account and an associated merchant account. The payment gateway that is currently set in our system is Therefore you will need to have an account. If you must have a different payment gateway, please contact us to discuss the cost for developing the one you need and delivery turnaround. We stand ready to facilitate this customization to your retail operation. As to PinPads, the SharpPOINTS Terminal is ready to interwork with IDTech pinpads that do have their injection encryption key already programmed.