Layaway Transaction Management

Layaway Transaction

Maintenance of Layaway Transactions

SharpPOINTSTM puts in your hands the power of the layaway system, a catalyst that will explode your sales. Get upfront the money from your customer as a partial payment as it becomes disposable, let them effect successive partial payments, and the item is theirs to take at the last payment. Instead of your customers re-visiting the store again and again to see this item that they badly want but can't afford in a lump sum, put it in their hands with unscheduled low payments from their disposable. Easier for them, great for your bottom line!

The SharpPOINTSTM POS software features an extremely detailed capture and process interface, as partially illustrated above, allowing for keen administration of layaway transactions from beginning to end. The system closes the process and issues the final receipt when the customer makes the final installment payment for the item.