End of Day Sales and Payment Figures

Close of day of Sale Operations

    Summary of Sales Status for the Store at every daily Close

Figures that give you your total Sales for the Day, total received Payments in the day are handily available for review so you can stay on top of the game day after day. Your daily total Received Payments are especially important if your store does run Layaway selling. The POS software helps you close your day with all the relevant information you need in order to assess the performance of your operation for the day. You may even get the gross Profit registered for the day, if you had initially entered your items costs in the system.

Reconcile sales figures, petty cash transactions, etc. with the actual cash accumulated in your cash drawer by close of day. Pinpoint discrepancies so you can trace back transactional events or results that are not properly accounted for. Immediately spot irregularities such as missing cash and assess events based on employee shift data. All so you can be ready for your next day of sale operations on a clean slate, with appropriate corrective measures if necessary.

Therefore properly closing your Day also means that you are ready for the next day for sale operation at your counter point of sale. You can then right there set the cash drawer with the necessary or customary cash level that you normally use to initiate a day of sale operation. SharpPOINTS gives you the proper means or conditions to start your day as well, as examplified in the illustration below.

Start a New Day of Sale Operations

Float In Cash Amount for Starting a New Day

Replenish your cash drawer with the initial amount of cash that you have normally set to kickoff sales at your store or service establishment, by preferably filling each tray with currency of the same denomination. You can do so as your last step before locking up your door or the next day in the few hours preceeding your unlocking the door open for business.