Employee Control with Punch Clock

Sales Clerks Info Gathering

    A view of the form where employee or sale clerk information is gathered.

Do you want to boost your store stales with a vibrant sales team that individually competes to achieve the largest amount of sales and win the enticing awards that you have set as per your sales goals. The SharpPOINTSTM point of sale software is poised to help you maintain that vibrant atmosphere of competing sales clerks in several different meaningful ways.

This POS system gives you means not only to register your clerks' shifts with a software-built punch clock but also to attribute sale transactions to service clerks so you can evaluate their performance.

Software Punch Clock

    Software Punch Clock for the registration and recording of sale clerks' shifts

The machine hardware gives you as well a keen level of security on the use of your cash machine by featuring a master keylock through which you can block access to all personnel whenever required.