Item Checkout with Legal-for-Trade Scales for Portions

Handling POS Weight Scale

Selling Portions with POS Weight Scales

If you are selling any item in portions like cheese, fresh meat, fish, sausage, etc. in a deli, or if you run a restaurant or buffet with food takeout, these items will be brought to the checkout counter for payment thru charges by weight on the price per pound. You will have initially set the price per pound for each item in the system at setup. When you have entered the item on the checkout screen in a checkout process, you will subsequently put it on the Scale and hit the "Scale" button on your sale screen. SharpPOINTSTM will pop a small window with the actual weight figure for the item, while the total price for the portion on the scale is computed and displayed at end of the line item for the same.

Note that in general, weight scales for retail are required to be certified as Legal-for-Trade. Currently SharpPOINTS supports Digiscale. For other brands, please check with us for compatibility.