Handles Sales of Solid Stock, Weighed Portions & Services

Handling different sale types on the same capture screen

Tremendous Flexibility to handle a variety of sale types on the same capture screen

SharpPOINTSTM exhibits a tremendous ability to complete many different types of sale transactions on the same capture screen. It showcases the ability to handle from services, especially with menu buttons concentrated at the left side of the screen, to line item display for solid stock items at the right side, whether for item retail in quantity of 1 or item wholesale for larger quantities at their own discounted price, to solid stock item sold by the pound as weighed on an attached POS scale. Sale items in the form of solid stock are typically scanned in with a barcode scanner while the other two are generally handled with designated menu buttons.

From that same sale capture screen the operator has prompt and direct access to more than a dozen other types of transactions simply by right-clicking on that screen and selecting the desired one, i.e. to apply different types of discount. This is all done with the aims of making the experience of a checkout session for one customer as expedient as might be feasible, so your customer waiting line can move quickly thru.