Stock Item and Service Product Management

Stock Item and Service Item Management

Handling both stock items and service items in inventory and sale transactions

If your retail operation requires handling sales of not only hard stock items at the checkout point but services provided at your retail operation as well, such as jewelry repair in a jewel store, or repair service in an Electronics/Cell phone store, then you will appreciate that your Point of Sale Terminal allows you to easily handle the both. SharpPOINTSTM will be keen in providing all the capabilities required to handle your stock item inventory as well as those required to handle status of processes implemented to the service items.

Certain very specialized types of services will not be handled by this version of SharpPOINTSTM. However, many services that are run as a complementary extension to the retail operation on the retail floor, like repair and assembly service, will find perfect fit in how SharpPOINTSTM captures those processes. Keep in mind that the nomenclature in the system for complementary service largely responds to repair service terms, i.e. "Repairs/Services Description" for a data entry point, as shown above.

In its basic configuration, SharpPOINTSTM will take care of the entire service process, from reception of the item, to repair status of the item while service is being effected, to final delivery and payment for the service at the sale counter. The POS screen for these types of mixed transactions offers a sub-menu, per above illustration, to capture those particular details.