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A Variety of Power Supply Options for your
Ennovah Wholehouse Audio Systems





Ennovah Controller

Distribution Unit

Power Plate

 12VDC Power

Power Supplies
for Music Distribution Systems

A variety of power feed options are available for our music distribution systems in order to accommodate the many different situations for speaker locations.

No other competing music distribution system  provides more flexibility than the Ennovah systems in regard to power feed into the speakers no matter where these speakers are located.

A small multi-output power distribution box provides power feed to a maximum of 9 speaker units or Mural Pads. Use as many units as necessary to cover the total amount of Pads and Speakers in an installation. The power unit is intended to be mounted in the same area as the controller, however anyone of them may be mounted at any other location that is deemed more appropriate.

For speakers or Pads that are very far away from the Controller or a power distribution box, an adaptor may be used to bring power into the desired Speaker unit or the Mural Pad. The plate is mounted at the bottom of the wall while the Adaptor plugs into a nearby power outlet and its plug is brought into the wall plate.

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The wall plate wires thru the inner wall into the Speaker unit or the Mural Pad

With the flexibility offered by this multi-room music distribution system, a Speaker may be installed virtually anywhere whether in a a new installation or an existing one.

This flexible power distribution system makes it possible for the whole system to include any number of speakers that might be needed for a particular installation.


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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IV - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-1 or DPX-22 or DPX-44
Audio Accessories (Optional) Audio Adaptor(s) - (Optional) Local Port Pads
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories (Optional) Telephone Distribution Module TDM-8 /14


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