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In-Wall Micro Speakers

In-Ceiling Mini Speakers

Ennovah Q-26 w.
LPX Micro Speakers

LPX Speakers are micro speakers especially designed for residential multi-room music distribution applications.  For areas where space is at a premium, these are the perfect speakers to use. Perfect for entryways, guest and half bathrooms, hallways, stairways and even closets. LPX-2 Speakers fit into single-gang in-wall boxes. LPX-1 Speakers boast a reduced 5.5" diameter.

Despite their small sizes, the LPX Speakers deliver big sound, just slightly lower than standard size speakers but still big sound. They are available for stereo format as well with LPX-2S and LPX-1S models so you can have stereophonic output even in the aforementioned small areas.

The LPX Speakers come with a Mural Pad which provides users with controls and volume. But if you need an in-wall or in-ceiling Speaker that requires no external control Pad in the area, see the LPS-1C Speakers.

For house bathrooms, large, medium or small, these speakers are the perfect sound device. The LPX-2 Speaker may even be hidden behind furniture because of the very small single-gang size.

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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IV - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-1 or DPX-22 or DPX-44
Audio Accessories (Optional) Audio Adaptor(s) - (Optional) Local Port Pads
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories (Optional) Telephone Distribution Module TDM-8 /14


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