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If you want to use other music distribution speakers with this multi-room music system, not a problem. Maybe you already have your own speakers and do not wish to spend more in replacing those speakers. Maybe there is a particular design that you are looking for for your room speakers and have found it elsewhere than from the Quantometrix offerings. You should keep in mind though that our in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers can be readily re-painted with spray paint in order to match the particular decor of the rooms the speakers are going to be installed in.

Whatever the case may be, we offer an electronic board kit, the Local Port Kit, that may be coupled to any architectural speaker of your choice in order to deliver multi-room music distribution with your own speaker components. It will fit at the back of any architectural speaker component. All fittings and instructions are provided in order to quickly accomplish that.

The Local Port board will handle sound in mono format, stereo format and dual format. In a stereo or dual arrangement the board goes

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mounted at the back of one of the speakers while simply receiving the connecting wire from the other speaker. It does not add much to the depth of the speaker component.

The Local Port board will work with either 8-ohm or 4-ohm speakers. It also features power switch and volume control. The volume is set once and for all at installation time and may only be modified later by removing the flushed speaker from the wall or ceiling.

The Local Port board also allows all voice page from the telephone intercom system to be carried out thru the host speaker.


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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IV - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-1 or DPX-22 or DPX-44
Audio Accessories (Optional) Audio Adaptor(s) - (Optional) Local Port Pads
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories (Optional) Telephone Distribution Module TDM-8 /14


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