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Ennovah Q-26 w.
LPS-1C Speakers

Most commercial multi-room music distribution systems utilize exclusively in-ceiling speakers. While it is common for residential multi-room music distribution systems to utilize both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The LPS-1C Speakers are designed to meet the standards of both commercial and residential applications. With a diameter of just about 7 in, and grilled front, the LPS-1C speakers respond to the sober look generally desired in commercial applications and yet they are small and slick enough to be perfectly used in residential multi-room audio systems.

Further the LPS-1C Speakers boast the peculiar feature of being equipped with two coils each, which enables them to output in stereo and dual format despite being single speakers. This will be particularly useful in residential environments where a particular area might be too small for stereophonic effect and yet the designer wants to preserve the level and richness of the sound. This is especially true in stairways, closets, guest bathrooms or half bathrooms, and also in entryways.  

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These Speakers each feature a single woofer cone with two coils for Left and Right channels, two side-by-side tweeters and an electronic Local Port board at the back for control and amplification purposes. No need for the designer to squeeze in two speakers, (although Quantometrix now provides mini in-ceiling speakers as well) to keep the richness of the sound in those areas of reduced space. The LPS-1C speakers neatly does the trick.

Yet if you wish to use them for monaural music distribution, such as in commercial music distribution applications, they will perfectly do so and in a cost effective fashion.


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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IV - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-1 or DPX-22 or DPX-44
Audio Accessories (Optional) Audio Adaptor(s) - (Optional) Local Port Pads
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories (Optional) Telephone Distribution Module TDM-8 /14


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