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Wholehouse Audio Systems with Architectural In-Wall Speakers



Ennovah Controller


In-Wall Speakers

Ennovah Q-26 w.
LPS-1M & LPS-1S Speakers

These are architectural speakers designed to be mounted in-wall. They are not just the standard speaker components. They also carry an electronic Local Port board at the back for control and amplification purposes.

You set the volume with a volume control located at the back of the speaker before flushing it into the wall. So therefore the sound volume is set once and for all with these Speakers.

The front grill is easily removable so the winglet screws can be accessed when flushing the speaker into the wall. Further the grill as well as the trim of the Speaker may be repainted in order to match the decor of the room as desired.

The LPS-1M is for mono format by only one Speaker and the LPS-1S is for stereo and dual format by two Speakers. Dual output is a format by which sound from one channel, which is the right channel, is played by both of the Speakers. This is desirable when you want to put a speaker in a close-by area without

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having to run a line for that secondary speaker. That secondary speaker may even be of a different design and for a different mount like in-ceiling mount in order to fit the physical conditions of that area.

Keep in mind that stereophonic output is not at all a necessary format for multi-room music background. Stereophonic output is rarely needed in commercial environments if at all and in residential environments it will be needed only in bedrooms or playrooms where users are susceptible to play their own favorite music that is not the wholehouse background music. That is an important point to keep in mind when devising a music distribution system so you don't over equip making your system more costly than it should.

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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IV - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-1 or DPX-22 or DPX-44
Audio Accessories (Optional) Audio Adaptor(s) - (Optional) Local Port Pads
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories (Optional) Telephone Distribution Module TDM-8 /14


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