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DirectAddress QX-3d & QX-3f 
Do you want entertaining music all over your home on weekends? Do you want to make your Sundays more relaxing with wholehouse music background throughout your home? Smooth jazz, Bach, Christian or Gregorian in the air for the religious folks?

Now available for everyone a simple but quality wholehouse multi-room music system that you can install yourself:

  • without adding wires throughout your home or rewiring for speakers.
  • without the complexity of distributing audio signals between sources and receivers.
  • without wiring each room for control buttons if you don't wish to.
  • without the installation cost from professional installers if you don't wish to.
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This multi-room music system runs on your second (or spare) pair of phone wires (black/yellow in phone jacks). You plug the mini tabletop speakers into your phone jacks. Each speaker is a complete 14-watt amplifier with its own volume control and a power on/off button. Plug any audio player into the music port of the DirectAddress module, and plug a phone set into the module. As simple as that.

This multi-room music distribution system may be used as a sub-system or a zoner to the Ennovah Integration Controllers in order to provide up to 4 separate areas with different music sources to these systems (4 conventional zones). When used at such effects, the Music Module may be installed either near the Ennovah Controller or away from it in the relevant zone. A selection switch on the module allows the user to select the stand-alone operation mode or the attachment mode.

With this multi-room music system, you may set the volume of each speaker independently as might be convenient: low background music in the bedroom or entertaining sound level in the basement. With a capability for over 16 speakers, you can virtually add background music at every desirable location in your home. Plus the convenience to turn off any particular speaker at any time without affecting the others. In addition, your can turn on or off the whole system from the dedicated phone set, whether corded or cordless. Same handset is used for open voice paging thru the music speakers. Click here if you only want a voice page system. No control pads needed in your rooms if you want to keep it simple!

Speakers are tabletop mini-speakers with 3 in. x 6.25 in. x 3.75 in. in size or in-wall architectural speakers. Easy tabletop or floor standing install, and plug-in into phone jacks. Color: white ivory. Size of DirectAddress module: 6.7 in x 3.6 in x 1.5 in, very small! A great whole house music system which goes soft on your budget

Downwload hookup diagram of Paging/Music system (pdf 13K).





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