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    Wholehouse Music System

Most Flexible Background and Entertainment-Level Music Distribution System




Local Port  Pad
for In-Wall Speakers

Desktop Speakers
with Built-in Local Port

Simple Amplified
Desktop Speaker


Ennovah Q-26/IV
Q-26/IP & Q-26/IPC

The Ennovah systems offer the most flexible and most complete music distribution system for the residential environment and commercial environment alike. The system features low-level background music and quality entertainment-level music. It caters to the new wave of personal music experience by allowing users to play their favorite music pieces in their private quarters while allowing pleasurable background music to be played in the more common areas of the home.

The system goes beyond the usual segmentation in zones, which is usually restricted to about 6, by allowing any number of users to play their own personal music in their own quarters and by featuring a virtually unlimited number of speakers of all kinds for the common areas.

The music system is fully integrated with the telephone intercom system so that wholehouse voice paging and selective voice paging may be done from any of the corded or cordless household phones.

The system momentarily holds wholehouse background music or personal music when voice paging is underway.

Further, the music distribution system affords the installation of a whole array of speaker types, namely state-of-the-art In-Wall 2-Way Speakers, In-Wall micro Speakers, architectural Floor-Standing Speakers and Desktop Speakers in order to meet the requirements of any particular project situation. To that extent, music background from in-wall speakers may be had in any room where a phone jack is available. This is made possible by a Local Port pad (jack-like) which aggregates input, output and control connections to the speaker.


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1.- Quality In-Wall 2-Way Speakers and Desktop Speakers
2.- A Multiplicity of Wiring Options
3.- Wholehouse Music Sources and Personal Music Sources

4.- Integration Between Intercom System and Music System
5.- Local Port Instruments That Make a Big Difference


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