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Access control
Ring issues
Wiring for 2 lines


My house is being built. I will have two phone lines, but I want to install the Ultimatoll box on only one phone line. How do I need to wire my house. Also my phone lines are delivered in the garage, do I need to install the Ultimatoll box there? Any practical indication for my electrician?

Wire with CAT5 4-pair cables. You can either wire home-run or daisy-chain. Home-run most recommended. Home run to any location close to the phone company head-end connector. Deliver your lines in dual-jack outlets within the house. One jack for each line in the same outlet.

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Use the blue and orange pairs of the CAT5 cables for one line and the green and brown pairs for the second line. White/blue and blue/white to carry the dial tone, and  white-orange/orange-white as spare. For the second line, use white/green and green/white to carry the dial tone, and white-brown/brown-white as spare. Then connect all your pairs at the garage together, color to color. Same exact color together. Be careful not to mix the colors there. You can just twist together the tips of the wires (although the use of splicers, a connector or terminal block is most indicated). Don't forget to isolate the bare wires when you are done.

Then you run a CAT5 cable from the garage to the outside gray box, if the phone company wires don't get inside the house. You only need to use two pairs in this cable to connect to your two lines in the gray box. Since your lines were carried by the white/blue and white/orange pairs, use the same pairs in this cable to connect to the gray box.

Wiring this way, you can plug the Ultimatoll box in any line-1 phone jack inside the house. Plug the extension phones through mini couplers to the same line-1 phone jacks. That's all there is to it.

Note: When you hook the CAT5 to the phone jacks, the order to follow is:

white-blue => green
blue-white => red
white-orange => black
orange-white => yellow

white-green=> green
green-white=> red
white-brown=> black
brown-white=> yellow

Access control

I share the entry gate with my neighbor who already has entry access control of the gate through his phone system. How do I connect my system to the gate?

The doorstrike device at the gate can only be connected to one electrical circuit. You need to run a  two conductor wire from the Ultimatoll box to the strike dry-contact terminals of your neighbor's phone system. Both dry contact connectors will so be mounted in parallel. His/her electrical circuit will keep powering the doorstrike, but the doorstrike will respond to either one or the other contact closure.

My doorstrike is installed in my front door. I want the doorstrike to latch open without any pressure or with very low pressure. I have a handicapped relative.

Do not use an AC transformer to power your strike circuit. Use a DC adaptor rather with proper voltage. The AC transformer delivers a buzz, which requires the person at the door to push and latch the door open while the buzz is ongoing. DC power to the strike will latch the door open at a stroke.

Download peripherals hook up diagrams.


I installed my Ultimatoll unit. The intercom and everything else works fine. But the incoming phone calls will ring only once and then stop.

This problem is caused by an excess of total REN on the phone line. There is a number which characterizes the ringer load that a phone appliance puts on a phone line. This number is written at the bottom of each phone equipment and is called Ringer Equivalence Number (REN). Adding together all REN of phone equipments installed on a phone line (phones, modems, accessories), the total REN must not exceed 7.0. If it does, the Central Office (CO of phone company) will truncate the ring signal shortly after it begins.

The sum total of the Ultimatoll REN, which is 0.6, plus those of all the phone appliances that you have currently installed must not exceed 7.0. If your total REN is nearing 5.0, you may notice that the incoming calls sometimes go normally thru but some other times they may be truncated. Also note that in some areas the total REN allocated by the CO is 4.0.

The Ultimatoll also has protection switching on intercom calls for its own. Please remove from the installation all old bell-ringer type of phones. Their REN is usually high (1.0 or over with ring spikes) and will cause the Ultimatoll to fire the protection switching and truncate the intercom calls. The protection switching of the Ultimatoll does not operate for incoming CO calls, only for intercom calls.

Whenever you reach the REN limit of 7.0  but need to install more phones, please choose phones with low REN (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc). Choosing phones with REN of 0.0, which are very commnon, will allow you to install any number of phones on your system. Note that some phones will have two REN numbers, each corresponding to a position of the ringer-volume selector switch. See a special selection of phones with low REN available at most retailers. These will typically allow you to install a large number of phones (over 10) with the system without exceeding the allocated REN.


For help over the phone, you can reach our Technical Support Dept. by calling 508-752-8550 during business days and business hours eastern time.


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