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When it comes to running the cables, you will certainly need appropriate tools to perform your wiring. You will need a punch-down tool to insert the wire terminations into the terminals of your modular jacks. You may need a stripping tool for eventually stripping any wire. If you do everything well, you will not need to strip any wire (remove the plastic jacket at the tip of the wire). But if you absolutely need to do so, a stripping tool is better than a diagonal cutter for stripping wires, since the cutter might damage the metal part of the wire. 
Both stripping and punch-down tools are available in economy versions that will not hurt your budget. You will also need the punch down tool to terminate wires at the distribution point, the so called M block.
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Phone wiring tools

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As we said before, chances are that you are going to have a dedicated line for internet sessions, whether a regular analog line or an ADSL line. You will want to make this line available in multiple outlets around your home. If you install a PBX phone system, do not connect this line to the phone system. (The ADSL splitter box will deliver a separate data line aside from the voice line anyway). Run your data line directly from the central distribution point to the chosen outlets. Most PBX phone systems will significantly slow down your connections below ratings of 28.8 kbauds, if you connect your modems as extensions of the PBX. Make your data line available in  a separate jack at the chosen outlets, direct from the main distribution point. If you install a telephone intercom system, in a scenario where you plan to have only one voice phone line, it is recommended that you make available the one pair of wires which will carry the dial tone (tip and ring) along with one spare pair of wires to a specific jack at all outlets. This jack will be a 6-conductor jack. You can either let the other two pairs of the cable unconnected or terminate them to a second jack at the outlets. It is always best to terminate your wires to a jack. Beware that the minimum amount of wire pairs that you can run in an installation is two, even if you plan to have one phone line and no exchange equipment (phone switching equipment) at all. So, at a minimum, two pairs of wire must be present in your dedicated phone jacks.

Let us now specifically consider how you run your inside wires, in other words, your wiring topology. There is 3 types of layout for phone wiring: Daisy-chain, Home-run and Mixed.  Daisy chain  wiring or serial wiring is when you run just one chain of cable throughout your home connecting one phone jack to the next. It is simple, very economic in wire, and will also save you the cost of a patch panel. Also less vulnerable to induced static and noise over your lines because of reduced wireruns. If you have a large home and plan to install any one of our intercom systems, daisy-chaining is all you need. On the other hand, Home run wiring or star topology is a wiring method whereby you run an individual cable from each outlet to one single location (the utility room). It takes more wire than daisy chain and typically requires a patch panel (junction Block), all of which makes it more costly than daisy chaining. However, it gives you significantly more flexibility. Mixed wiring is a mix of daisy chain and home run wiring in any pattern that you find suitable. 


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