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Access Control Keypad Installs at your home entrance door or entry gate. Fits in single gang box. Attaches to your doorstrike. Shares control of your electric doorstrike with intercom system. Punch in a code to release the strike. Supports up to 123 users, each with their own code. Size: 2.75 in. W x 4.5 in. H. View mounted keypad with Doorphone.

Stainless Steel faceplate ACK-SS 
$89.95 only!

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Quick-Connect Terminal
- Connector with RJ11 plug at one end and metal terminal slits in body to hook up wires under pressure without splicing. Use one to attach phone line to Controller and one other to attach extension line to Controller.
$4.95 only!


Electric Door Strike -  14VAC@0.23A   - Top quality solid brass or Chrome face. Directly powered by Q-10 Controller with straightforward single pair wirerun. For wooden or metal door - 1 9/16 in. deep.

DST-14C: Strike with Chrome face
DST-14B: Strike with Brass face

DST-14C $65.95 only!
DST-14B $65.95 only


Electric Door Strike -  16VAC@1.0A   - Top quality solid brass face. Externally powered with 16VAC Transformer (shown below) in a series circuit with Controller port and Transformer. For wooden or metal door - 1 9/16 in. deep.


$29.95 only!


16V AC Power Transformer - For 16VAC Door Strike device (DST-16).

$15.00 only!



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