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DuoCom Q-2s

DuoCom Q-2f

DuoCom Q-2 Series
Two-Point Intercom System
DuoCom is a simple 2-node intercom (ringback) system using 2 ordinary stand-alone phone sets as the user stations. May also integrate with a multi-line phone set via unused line jack at the set. In addition DuoCom provides 3-station intercom when 2 or 3 Controllers are stacked together. Great for churches, parlors, shops, restaurants, etc.

In its simplest form, each node attaches one phone set and whenever one of the handsets is picked up a call is automatically directed to the other station for 2-way communication. The phone station being called will sequentially ring until the answering party picks up his/her handset or until the caller hangs up. At the calling station there is an intermittent ringback tone to conveniently keep the caller aware of call progress.


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Each one of the 2 nodes may attach several phone sets. Directly off the box, each node comprises two jacks for direct plugging of two phone sets at each node (4 sets total at the box). Whenever one phone station inside a node is picked up, all the sets belonging to the other node will ring for subsequent pick up and communication. DuoCom also provides visual and loud audible call announcer on an optional basis.

Speaker Box  (TalkBoxs)

Phone Jack

Strobe Light

Corded Handset

Cordless Handset


2-Line Handset

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Download Q-2f Specifications and Q-2s Specifications.
Size of DuoCom box: 3.5 in x 6.8 in x 1.5 in. 


Package Pricing

DuoCom PK2s
$369.95 only!
(Package includes 2 Q-2s boxes, 3 2-Line Phone sets)
DuoCom PK2f
$399.95 only!
(Package includes 3 Q-2f boxes, 3 2-Line Phone sets)
DuoCom PK1s
$169.95 only!
(Package includes 1 Q-2s box, 1 2-Line Phone set)
DuoCom PK1f
$219.95 only!
(Package includes 1 Q-2f box, 1 2-Line Phone set)
DuoCom PK2sp
$179.95 only!
(Package includes 1 Q-2s box, 2 Single-Line Phone sets)
DuoCom PK2fp
$229.95 only!
(Package includes 1 Q-2f box, 2 Single-Line Phone sets)

Pricing for Parts

DuoCom Q-2s
DuoCom Q-2f
$189.95 only! 
TalkBoxs TKD-2D
Strobe Light
$24.95 only! 
Wireless Phone Jack
$69.95 only!
Corded Handset
$22.95 only!
Cordless Handset
$25.95 only!
2-Line Corded Handset
$35.95 only!

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MiniCom Q-16



mini Speakerphones


PCX Jack
MiniCom Q-16
Room-to-Room Intercom & Remote Monitoring System 
Provides onsite
station-to-station intercom and off-site monitoring with open voice  intercom both with special handsets or with ordinary single-line phone sets.

A.- Remote Monitoring Intercom
Direct open voice intercom is provided with either a speakerphone, a desktop or in-wall speaker or a dedicated mini Speakerphone set. The set ought to be located onsite in the area to be monitored. The monitored speakerphone directly plugs into the MiniCom box which may sit on the floor or be wall-mounted in the room. Very well suited for store or business owners in need of keeping an eye on an employee or a health care nurse with the task of monitoring a home ridden patient from afar. Business owner or nurse calls the line from a cell phone or another landline and immediately connects to the speaker box or speakerphone attached to the MiniCom in the monitored area. After 2-way communication has been carried out, the remote caller hangs up. The MiniCom terminates the call and re-sets itself for the next call. This is so-called communication in
Auto-Answer Mode. Only requires the MiniCom Q-16 box + (1) Speakerphone station.

B.- Station-to-Station Intercom
With standard phone sets of any kind or dedicated mini Speakerphones. Intercom based on specific station-to-station calling for up to 6 extensions by using the special PCX jacks. PCX jacks are smart jacks which assign an ID to a related extension station. This commercial intercom system may be used on a phone line if so desired in order to receive, make an transfer external phone calls. A whole series of additional features with the PCX jacks. Quite simple to use.

Size of MiniCom enclosure: 6.75 in x 6.8 in x 2 in. 


Package Pricing


MiniCom box...............................$249.95 only! 
MiniCom Pack3 ..........................$329.95 only! (Includes 1 MiniCom box + 3 PCX jacks)
MiniCom Pack6 ..........................$369.95 only! (Includes 1 MiniCom box + 6 PCX jacks)


MiniSpeakerphone Pack3 ............$249.95 only! (Includes 3 Mini Speakerphones)
MiniSpeakerphone Pack6 ............$419.95 only! (Includes 6 Mini Speakerphones)


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* There is in fact no limitation to the number of extension phones as long as total REN of phones remains under 7.0.

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