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In-Wall Speaker Pad

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In-Wall Speaker Pad


MiniCom Q-16
Room-to-Room Intercom System 
For 1 line and 16 Phones*. Provides
phone-to-phone intercom with standard household phone sets and multi-handset phones. Intercom based on wholehouse distinctive ring calling. And specific phone-to-phone calling for 6 extensions with optional PCX jacks. A whole series of additional features with optional PCX jacks. Very simple to use.

Size of MiniCom box: 6.75 in x 6.8 in x 2 in. 

MiniCom Box


MiniCom Pack3
$329.95 only! 
(Pack includes 1 MiniCom box, 3 PCX jacks, power Adaptor and install fixtures.)
MiniCom Pack6
$369.95 only!
(Pack includes 1 MiniCom box, 6 PCX jacks, power Adaptor and install fixtures.)

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Ennovah Q-26/IV Controller

Handset-to-Speaker Voice Page System

Broadcast intercom from any home handset to wholehouse speakers. Handset-to-handset answer back capability. Use any set of multimedia speakers (computer speakers) of your choice: low-cost speaker set or quality surround sound speaker set (for music). All speakers plugging into home phone jacks and using one single CAT5 pair of wires running serially jack to jack or home run to Controller. Unlimited number of speaker sets. Each speaker set plugs into the wall phone jack with a mini audio adaptor hookup accessory. Nicely complements multi-handset wireless phone systems with wholehouse open voice page from home phone handsets. Directly compatible with DSL phone line with direct headend intercept of the standard twisted pair carrying the phone line. May perfectly be used without a phone line in commercial applications.

Music-on-Hold or custom message from any sound instrument to remote subscriber-line caller put on hold. Expandable into a wholehouse music distribution system with DPX expansion card (DPX-22 or DPX-44). With capability for two-zone paging and wholehouse music from two distinct music sources which are selectable from handsets.

Ready to interoperate with other vendor's wholehouse music distribution system as an alternative or an addition. And more...

Download all specifications (pdf)See feature set and typical applications See optional expansion cards. See accessories.

Package includes:

- (1) Q-26/IV Telephone Integration Controller. Size: W11 in x H12 in x D3.5 in.
- (2) Audio Out (Voice Only) Port
- (1) Mute Control and Volume Control for Audio Out
- (1) Music-on-Hold Port
- (1) Set of Instructions Material and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty

$299.95 only!   
Add Audio Adaptor



EnnovahTM Q-26/IX & Q-26/IXC
Audio-Video Door Entry & Room Intercom System
Room-to-Room intercom with sophisticated room monitoring capabilities and built-in Door Answering. System provides room intercom between dedicated in-wall Speaker Pads or standard phone sets, whether corded, cordless or multi-handset. Operates as a completely stand-alone system with no attached phone line or with interaction with a landline. Basic configuration for 1 optional phone line, 1 entry doorphone and 16 room intercom devices. Simple to use. May be partitioned for a duplex residence with complete separation between the two quarters. In a landline environment, directly compatible with DSL internet with direct intercept of the standard twisted pair. Creates a landline from your cell line if you need interaction with your smartphone. More reasons why you will want to use one of these systems.

Home Room-to-Room Intercom
Room intercom based on wholehouse distinctive ring by In-wall Speakers or handsets so you don't have to endlessly fetch for people when you need to communicate.  For specific Speaker-to-Speaker communication instead, add the PCX jacks and experience a whole new and unique way of communicating in the household! Whole system then implements both communication based on wholehouse distinctive ring patterns and specific device-to-device reach thru
in one call! Call from the standard handsets to the Speaker Pads. Always very simple to use: in stand-alone System, on the wall Speaker Pad hit  [#] + [number] to call someone else around the home; in a landline environment simply enter the phone No directly.


Door Answering & Monitoring Service in the Home
Doubles with door answering capability by ringing your indoor Speaker Pads and handsets for communication and your regular house chime box for complementary annunciation. See who is at the door from any home television or dedicated LCD screen. Monitor any interior area on any television by using any indoor user device to select monitoring cameras or simply to listen in. Optional automatic sweeper that continually switches cameras and sound capture monitoring sets every 5 seconds. A whole variety of doorphone stations to fit your particular decor as displayed in Doorphone Gallery. Handles up to 4 entry doors with addition of DPX expansion card.

Home Security Monitoring
One special alarm port provided for security monitoring.
If you set up a surveillance application, receive early alerts of presence of visitor (or intruder) on property i.e. with your house chime box going off or your  indoor Speaker devices ringing in a distinctive fashion. You may also set a family member (under age or impaired) under surveillance and receive alerts of an untimely leave. In addition, any one of the 4 available doorphone ports may simultaneously be used with alarm sensors for security monitoring as well. Security function does not substitute but nicely complements a fee-based Surveillance System. May forward rings from incoming phone calls to house Doorchime box. Relentlessly ring doorchime in the form of an alert. Use it in noisy environments, at party time, or else.

Intercom for Duplex Home
For duplex-dwelling applications, covers a variety of situations where a 2-Button Entry Panel may be used at a common entry door or gate as well as separate single-button doorphone stations for individual entrances, with or without remote release controls for these depending on your needs.

Compatibility with DSL Phone Lines
In landline environment, capability for direct intercept of your DSL phone line without any degradation of your rated broadband speed. Able to remove the limitation of 5 wired home phones as usually imposed by the necessary DSL filters, so you can have as many phones as needed around the home for phone calls, intercom and other functions. More reasons why you will want to use these systems.

Additional Capabilities with Q-26IXC Controller

In addition to all of the above, the Q-26/IXC system offers the following extended functions.

  • Music-on-Hold from an external audio source. Plug any music source with a Line Out or Headphone jack into the built-in music port for music to be automatically released to the line whenever a subscriber-line caller is put on hold.
  • Provides one door release port for either a doorstrike or a deadbolt device: the port supplies both normally open contacts (NO) and normally closed contacts (NC) in order to cover all types of doors or gates and all kinds of situations: i.e. failsafe locks, failsecure locks, swing-open and slide-open doors, double doors opening from frame center, gate with operator mechanism and the like. Door release ports expandable to a total of 5, hybrid doorphone communication ports expandable to 4.  One special release port among the 5 usable for an elevator or a second inside entry door set for just release control without communication.
  • Optional Keyless entry access for home residents or selected off-premise personnel with Access Control Keypad or encrypted Keychain Radio Remotes. Keypad and doorphone integrated in one piece or as separate pieces. Punch in a password on Keypad or hit button on Keychain Remote to release entry door or gate from outside. System allows an Access Control Keypad at each of 5 possible entrances. Keychain remote with a total of 6 distinct button controls.
  • A suite of built-in power supplies to directly feed perimeter access control devices as well as indoor surveillance cameras and screens. Available supplies of 12VDC, 24VC and 18VAC, DC supplies all regulated, all supplies with resettable protective fuses.

 And more...


Package Pricing

Q-26/IX Package .....................$439.95 only! 
Download all specifications (pdf)See feature set and typical applicationsSee optional expansion cards. See accessories. See the parts list  for adding video monitoring service.
Package includes: 

- (1) Q-26/IX Telephone Integration Controller.  Size: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in.
-  (3) In-Wall Intercom Speakers
-  (1) Doorphone Station

- (1) Built-in Doorchime Port
- (1) Built-in 12VDC Power Supply
- (1) 12VDC Adaptor for Video Doorphone when ordered
- (1) Built-in Doorphone Interface Slot and Ports
- (1) RJ45 Patch Cord for Multi-Doorphone system
- (1) Set of Instruction Materials and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty


Q-26/IXC Package....................$479.95 only! 
Download all specifications (pdf). See feature set and typical applications. See optional expansion cards. See accessories. See the parts list for adding video monitoring service.
 Package includes:

- (1) Q-26/IXC Telephone Integration Controller.  Size: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in.
-  (3) In-Wall Intercom Speakers
-  (1) Doorphone Station
- (1) Built-in Doorchime Port
- (1) Built-in Music On Hold Port
- (1) Built-in Doorstrike Port
- (3) Built-in Power Supplies: 12VDC, 24VDC, 18VAC
- (1) Built-in Doorphone Interface Slot with 4 Ports
- (1) 12VDC Adaptor for Video Doorphone when ordered
- (1) RJ45 Patch Cord for Multi-Doorphone system
- (1) Set of Instruction Materials and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty






* There is in fact no limitation to the number of extension phones as long as total REN of phones remains under 7.0.

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