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Ennovah Q-26 Series

These Residential Telephone Intercom Systems need no programming to start to operate. Only the premium systems will need system programming for such things as remote phone numbers for alarm and auto-dial purposes when applicable. All of which may be done from any Speaker Pad or landline handset, corded or cordless.

Despite the sheer amount of services that these residential telephone-enabled intercom systems perform in the household, one would be surprised how simple it is to operate them, when they are being used in a landline environment. Even when they are being used in a stand alone fashion with dedicated Speaker pads, they remain equally easy to operate.

First of all, intuitive codes have been chosen to make the Ennovah Residential Intercom Systems easy to operate, even for the sophisticated functions, like turning Whole House Music ON and OFF or choosing a room for audio/video monitoring, etc.

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Command codes are easy to remember. In fact, if you don't want to, you don't have to remember anything. The various functions actionable by users and requiring a command code may be programmed as a macro into the memory buttons of your home phone sets, in order to convert them into single-keystroke functions in older phones, or menu-driven commands in newer phones. Pictures above show a sample set of functions that have been programmed in a regular cordless. Simply navigate the menu to the desired item and hit the [Talk] or [SpeakerPhone] button! That is all it takes to activate a function! In most phones, it only takes one or two keystrokes. From room-to-room intercom calling, to audio/video monitoring of bedrooms, to docking your cell phone into the system in order to receive and make calls on your cell line from the ordinary home handsets, every command may be made menu-driven. It does not get any simpler!   

No need to drive yourself to a special or proprietary base station (or carry it with you) every time you want to activate or disengage a control function.  Do it from the very phone set available at the location of the moment. 



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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Any Ennovah Controller
Expansion Cards   none
Audio Accessories none
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories Any Phone Set


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