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A Whole New Way of Communicating with Personal Communication Extensions (PCX)



Ennovah Q-26/I


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MiniCom Q-16



PCX10 Module 

The PCX10 module is a special smart jack that has the ability to personalize any extension phone in a number of different ways with our residential Telephone Intercom System. The PCX module sits right next to any wall phone jack and plugs into it with a short pigtail cord. The actual phone set plugs into the PCX jack. Alternatively all the PCX modules may be kept out of sight by installing them near the Controller with the PCX-Pak. The PCX modules work with the MiniCom Q-16 Controllers and the Ennovah Q-26/I Controllers (IX, IXC, IP & IPC). They will also work with the older Ultimatoll Q-16S & P Controllers.

One-Touch Selective Wholehouse Intercom Calls
With a PCX module you are able to assign an ID, any number from 1 to 6, to an extension phone associated with the telephone intercom system, so it only responds to calls directed to that ID. Note that not all extension phones in the home need to have a PCX jack. Only private areas such as bedrooms and home office, which are normally reserved to one individual in the household, may sensibly be candidates for a PCX jack. It is in fact desirable to keep all common areas with no PCX filtering. This type of setup achieves the outstanding result of performing wholehouse and yet selective intercom calls in one single dialup!

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In order words, when a household member calls you, you will be reachable wherever you are in the home, whether in your bedroom or anywhere else, because your PCX extension phone in the bedroom and all the phones in the common areas of the household will all ring with your ID distinctive ring pattern. When you are in your bedroom and calls are made to other members of the household, your PCX extension phone will ignore those calls leaving you undisturbed. With this device associated to the telephone intercom system, no one ever needs to figure out where household mates are around the home before calling them, and yet there is no risk of disturbing non-intended parties with a call!

Assign same ID to Personal Extension Phones!
Also note that you may set more than one extension with your own ID with the PCX jacks within the Telephone Intercom System . For instance, you may set both your bedroom phone and your home office phone with the same ID. Any number of locations in the home that are personally used by one only individual may be set with the same PCX ID. Those extensions will only respond to calls that are directed to that ID, keeping the individual's privacy at those locations undisturbed on other calls.

Allow or Disallow All-Member Page by a PCX Extension
Normally, when wholehouse ring paging to address all household members is desired in an installation with these Telephone Intercom Systems, users are generally advised to reserve ID6 from the base system at such effect. When that is in effect, a PCX extension may be set to allow these calls thru or disallow them. An internal setup switch within the PCX module is toggled to include or exclude all-member address paging. So therefore, the way a PCX phone rings also tells what type of call is coming in. When your PCX extension rings with a pattern of 6 consecutive ring strokes (instead of 2 or 3, whatever your ID is) you know this is an all-member address paging.

Restrict Outgoing Calls
One more feature available from a PCX module is the ability to restrict outgoing phone line calls by an extension. When that is set, the extension can only answer  incoming calls, either line calls or intercom calls. Very useful for infants' bedrooms.

Restrict Incoming Phone Line Calls and Doorphone Calls
A PCX extension may also be set to take or exclude doorphone calls received by the Telephone Intercom System. It may equally be set independently to take or exclude incoming phone line calls. This is all done with the flip of a switch inside the PCX module.

Multiple Intercom Calling Modes
A PCX jack conveniently offers the option of Off-Hook calling mode on intercom calls as opposed to On-Hook calling mode, which is the standard mode. Optionally, with a PCX extension the user may simply pickup the earpiece (or hit the speaker button), dial the desired peer's ID and then hit the [Flash] key in order to follow thru the progress of the call while holding the earpiece (or staying on speakerphone). 

Seamless Control for Answering Machines & Fax Machines
A PCX module allows any answering machine or any fax machine to be effectively used in the distinctive ring pattern environment established by the Telephone Intercom System, for the purpose of call transfer toward voice message recording or fax reception. That PCX jack need not take up an ID out of the 6 available but will simply share one of the identities in a seamless fashion.

PCX Extensions and Caller ID
PCX jacks remain completely transparent to caller ID information from incoming phone calls reaching the home phones thru the Telephone Intercom System. All extensions set to receive phone calls will also receive caller ID info arriving with those calls. You will so enjoy specific phone-to-phone calling like in a PBX phone system but without precluding display of caller ID info on your extension phones.

Yes, PCX opens up a whole new and unique way of communicating in the household!


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