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    Ennovah Q-26 Series

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ennovah system for?

The Ennovah Q-26 series is all about innovation in the home in terms of low-voltage home systems. It is an integration system that provides the widest available array of low-voltage service sets within the home in one single equipment. It is about security, communications, automation, telephone, door answering, video surveillance, wholehouse music...

Why is there so many different Controllers?

Each system offers a specific service set aiming at specific homeowner's need. The Model designations attempt to capture the service set.

  • Q-26/DX is a Door Entry Screening and security monitoring system without extra features.
  • Q-26/DXC is a Door Entry Access Control and monitoring system with many extra Controls.
  • Q-26/DP is a Door Entry Control and monitoring system with Premium remote attendance.
  • Q-26/DPC is a Door Entry Control and monitoring system with Premium service set including voice page Controls.
  • Q-26/IV is an Intercom system strictly based on open Voice page.
  • Q-26/IX is a Room and Door Intercom system with monitoring without extra features.
  • Q-26/IXC is a Room and Door Intercom system with monitoring and many extras including Controls.
  • Q-26/IP is a Room and Door Intercom system with monitoring and Premium voice page service.
  • Q-26/IPC is a Room and Door Intercom system with and monitoring and Premium service set including all Controls.
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Technical Support

How do I pinpoint a model that is right for my needs? 

Use the Pick-a-system tool and answer all questions until the final determination step. Or give us a call at 800-766-0266. We love discussing projects.

How large is the Unit physically? Can I install it in my kitchen, my living room, in my bedroom or in my Structured Wiring Box?

Dimensions of the Ennovah Controller: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in. Primarily for installation in structured wiring closet or utility room, near the Patch Panel, or at whichever spot where the telco block is located.

Do I have to know about cabling to install it?

If your home phone wiring is originally completed with 4 wires throughout as in the US, you don't need to know anything about cabling to install the Ennovah Controller for room intercom. You will use the provided Spare Wire Test Kit to test the integrity of your phone wires and then install the System in the Plug-in mode: an all plug&play operation. You will use special mini in-line couplers to plug in the extension phones to the phone jacks.

But if you are going to use the Controller with dedicated wall Speakers for user devices, then you will need to do some tooling at the wall Speaker spots in an existing home. We recommend to place the wall Speakers right along the line above the existing phone jack in a room, and funnel the connecting wire between the two thru the wall.

How much tooling will I have to do with this Controller?

You will need to fix the Controller on the wall and tie it to the phone line. If you install it in the Plug-in mode, there is no tooling to do for the connection to the line. If you install it in the Intercept mode, you will need to split the line at the telco block and tie both ends of the split to the Controller. A detached quick installation guide expeditiously helps the installer make a determination on the install mode to select and complete the installation.

 I used to specify Ultimatoll systems. What are the Ennovah equivalents?

There is no exact match since the Ennovah systems supersede the relevant former Ultimatoll systems by offering service sets that are significantly more extensive and more advanced. However, the following table may help find relative matches:

Ultimatoll Q-16S-EX Ennovah Q-26/DX Door Entry Screening & Monitoring
  Ennovah Q-26/DXC Door Entry Access Control & Monitoring
Ultimatoll Q-16S-E Ennovah Q-26/DP Remote Door Entry Control and Monitoring
  Ennovah Q-26/DPC Remote Door Entry Control & Indoor Open Voice Page
Ultimatoll Q-16S-EX
+ Voice Page Speaker
Ennovah Q-26/IV Open Voice Page from Handsets with Music Capability
Ultimatoll Q-16S-SX Ennovah Q-26/IX Room and Door Intercom with Monitoring
  Ennovah Q-26/IXC Room and Door Intercom with Monitoring and Controls
Ultimatoll Q-16S-S Ennovah Q-26/IP Room and Door Intercom with Monitoring, Voice Page and Controls
Ultimatoll Q-16S-P Ennovah Q-26/IPC Room and Door Intercom with Monitoring, 2 Music sources and 2-Zone Voice Page




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