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Ennovah Q-26 Series
The Ennovah Intercom systems offer an integrated solution when flexible monitoring capabilities is a prime concern. In those situations where perhaps several under age kids need be surveiled, and other indoor and outdoor areas also need be kept under video watch, the integrated Auto-Sweeper offered by the Ennovah systems becomes a solution in point.

Four sound capture devices (monitoring sets - doorphones) or  four video sources (indoor/outdoor cameras) or four combined sound capture and video sources may be plugged into the intercom system's Controller for a continual sweep of these sources. These sources are displayed on video screens (for cameras) or output to in-wall Speaker Pads (for sound monitors). The sweeper switches these sources one at a time every 5 seconds, in a continual sweep.

The Auto-sweeper is smart enough to pause when an event such as a door entry call from a doorphone is registered. The sweeper will then pause and allow an automatic selection of the specific source to take place. In that event the user will then get automatically connected to the entry-awaiting guest as a handset is picked up to answer the call.

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If the event was detected activity by a motion sensor associated with a surveillance camera, the footage from that camera will conveniently pop on screen for viewing at anyone of the display monitors, whether household TV sets, dedicated LCD screens or computer screen. The time window for the pause is approximately 60 seconds, at the expiration of which the continual sweep resumes. The sweeper will appropriately pause as well whenever the user directly selects on his/her own from a handset one of the sources for momentary screening. The sweep resumes as soon as the in-wall Speaker Pad is set back to idle or the handset goes back on hook.

The built-in Auto-sweeper of these Intercom System makes it simple and cost-effective as well to implement video surveillance on several locations at the same time.  If you have a single dedicated LCD screen, simply monitor the screen at any time to have a sequential view of all cameras. If you are also monitoring with household TV's, simply turn a TV set to the dedicated channel and watch the footage sweep from one cam view to the next. Only use a wall Speaker Pad or perhaps a convenient cordless handset for control purposes, i.e. if you want to inquisitively stop the sweep in order to selectively discriminate between the views. This does not preclude an all-in-one display within the application. If you desire an all in-one-display, you must exercise the hybrid IP option so that the cameras incorporated by the Ennovah system may be captured by a computer-based video surveillance system (NVR) like our Vizzio system.

The Auto-sweeper also makes it possible to discriminatively do sound monitoring , i.e  baby-monitoring from several rooms at the same time. It conveniently releases the ambient sounds captured from the rooms one at a time in a continual fashion, switching every 5 seconds. As sound monitoring is normally done with the wall Speaker Pads or a Speakerphone, the user may timely stop the sweep with a simple keystroke on the Pad or the speakerphone in use whenever some sound of significance comes up which merits further screening or a specific response. More key benefits here...

You may always have a total of 4 cameras (whether stand-alone or doorphone built-in) attached to the system for review by the sweeper. Whereas the 4 audio ports are shared between doorphone stations, monitoring sets and auto-answer speaker sets.

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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/IX - IXC - IP - IPC - DX - DXC - DP -DPC
Expansion Cards   DPX-2S or DPX-4S
Audio Accessories none
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories none


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