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MiniCom Q-16

No proprietary or special (scary!) multi-function phones or user device to use with this telephone system. It works with all kinds of standard single-line or even two-line phones featuring touch tone and tone ringer. You can change or upgrade your phones at any time. Of course you can choose the nice Speaker pad that is offered as user device.

Works with any kind of phone service: dial tone service from local phone company, dial tone delivered by inside cable modem box or voice over IP (VOIP) box. With this system you will conveniently speak to your peers around the home as needed by means of your existing handsets on the landline, if that's your setup.

While you are on a communication, you can still receive external calls with call waiting by the system. For info  on how this residential telephone intercom system operates see details about distinctive ring calling and specific phone calling. Nice and neat room-to-room with your very household phones, whatever their brand name or model type.

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In existing installations, you will generally be able to run this residential telephone intercom system with all of your existing phones, in general a minimum of 8 phones. You can always have more depending on their REN. Preferably avoid phones with REN of 1.0 or above (very high!) when you need to install a large number of phones. The REN (short for Ringer Equivalence Number) is a number that specifies the load that the phone set places on the line on incoming calls. It is written at the bottom of every phone set. Your total REN should not exceed 7.0 with these systems. For instance, if you pick phones with REN of 0.4 or below, you can easily install around 16 extension phones of any kind around your home. For multi-handset wireless phones, the REN only applies to the base phone set.

Also beware that phones with Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) of 0.0 are in existence. These will remove all expansion limitations! So how many phones can you install with this telephone system? There is virtually no limit to the number of extension phones you can install with the MiniCom residential intercomsystems! With these systems you set your own limit. The greatest flexibility! With all other systems, Key Systems, KSU-less or wireless, you can never go beyond the preset number of extension phones or ports they are designed to handle. In addition, costs increase significantly beyond the basic set of ports. Save big with the MiniCom! So it does not matter the size of your new or remodeled home, you will be able to put a convenient phone wherever you please with these telephone systems.


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