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MiniCom Q-16

Some people live with a relative right next door or have several buildings on their property. With two buildings perhaps a couple of hundred feet apart, next-door relatives may wish to put in place a local intercom solution between the two homes. That may be to keep an eye on the elderly parent who lives in one of the homes. Most people will prefer a hard-wired solution for this kind of application to ensure reliability and security. The idea is to be able to grab a phone or hit a button on a wall Speaker and call the other house without going thru the public telephone network.  The MiniCom Residential Intercom system delivers the exact measure for inter-building intercom (Off-Premise Extension or OPX). Note that this does not require you to use an actual phone line. It's all done internally as to the property.

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By installing one MiniCom Residential Intercom unit in any one of the two locations, you are ready for inter-building intercom. You may use the spare pair wires in the wiring runs of the both homes for interconnect purposes.  When you plug any phone in any one of the homes to its regular phone jack thru one of our mini-couplers, this phone will be attached to the intercom system. 

At any location where you want to service both the intercom and your regular phone line, you may attach two phone sets to the wall jack (use an ordinary T adapter to do so) or a low-cost two-line phone. The two-line phones give you an efficient and very practical solution, one line-button for your regular phone line, and the other for your intercom. Note that the users are not limited to call other users in the other home, they can call other users in the same home! In this case, you don't need to know where someone is in the other home or in your own home to call him or her. Distinctive ring does the job for you.

Another approach to inter-building intercom on a property is the DuoCom product.


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