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MiniCom Q-16


MiniCom Q-16 Controller 

The MiniCom Q-16 system is a home intercom system that meets your basic room  intercom needs in a household. It delivers room-to-room intercom with standard handsets and/or dedicated Speaker pads.

So therefore you can perfectly use this system in a landline environment or in a completely stand-alone fashion. For a landline environment, the Controller supports one direct phone line and as many as 16 home phone sets. It empowers your existing home phones, if you choose to use those, to intercom with each other based on wholehouse ring paging. And of course, you can have Speaker Pads mixed home handsets in an installation.

See System Specifications. See accessories.Ships with a 69-page comprehensive user's manual.

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Following is a list of features supported by the MiniCom system. 

1.- Operates Your Phone Line, Telephone Sets and Any Number of Extension Phones
2.- Room Intercom with Cell Phone Line - Landline - VOIP Line - Cable Box Line or No Line
3.- Two-Way Crystal-Clear Telephone Intercom (No hum-No noise)
4.- Distinctive Page on Intercom Calls (Reach Anyone Wherever)
5.- Integrate Corded Phones With Cordless Phones
6.- Add Wholehouse Paging to your Wireless Multi-Handset Phone System
7.- Integrate Distinct Wireless Multi-Handset Phone Systems
8.- Complete Hands-Free Speakerphone Operation on External Calls (Automatic pick up AND hang-up on incoming calls with any Speakerphone)
8.- Automatic (Unscreened) Transfer of External Calls or Screened Transfer
10.- Call Forward to Answering Machine by any User for Absent Third Party

11.- Open Voice Page from Remote Off-Site Phone
Three-Party Conference Between 2 Household Users and One Remote Caller
13.- Room Monitoring with Supervision from Inside your Home or Away from Home
14.- Professional Voice Mail Processing with Your Answering Machine
15.- Complete Control of Separate Fax Machine and Answering Machine
16.- Inter-House Intercom & Monitoring
17.- Dual Mode Telephone Intercom: With Phone Line or Stand-Alone
18.- Acoustic and Light Indicators as Forceful Call Announcers Beyond Telephone Ring Tones
19.- System Programmable by User from Ordinary Single-Line Phones
Full Caller ID Pass-Thru to your Extension Phones 
21.- Easy Install with Simple Line Intercept or in a Plug-in Fashion
22.- Fully Compatible with Dial-up Internet and DSL Internet

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