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Do you have a bed-ridden relative that you need to check on every so often? Are you an occupational therapist? Or perhaps a massage professional? Are you or do you have a busy cook in a restaurant kitchen? Are your hands in gloves in a clean room and hard pressed to pickup the phone when it rings? Yes, your hands are busy all the time, or you otherwise can't afford to pick up the phone or hang it up on phone calls.

If you are a homeowner,  how many times, while being in your bedroom, your home office or busy in the kitchen, have you not wished to answer the phone completely from a distance, without having to touch the ringing phone at all? You so wished that you could pick and hang up your calls at a distance absolutely hands-free.  This is the time to take advantage of this extremely handy feature in any electronics or any residential Telephone Intercom System or Phone System.

These Residential Intercom Controllers feature a built-in Auto-Answer mode of operation allowing you to attend to external calls in a totally hands-free fashion. You only need an ordinary single-line speakerphone. Upon an incoming phone call, the Controller will release a warning tone off the speakerphone, and thereafter directly and automatically connect the external caller. You speak at a distance from wherever you are. You never touched the phone. When the call ends up and the external caller hangs up, the Controller tears the connection down immediately for you. You never had to get the phone, you don't get to touch the phone at all to answer the phone call! During the communication you may choose to manually terminate the call at any time as desired.  Quality of the communication will only depend on the quality of your speakerphone.

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Should you want a professional setup, like in a commercial or institutional location, we offer an in-wall Speaker set that can be flushed into a convenient location on the wall.

Do you want to be absolutely free in the yakusi, and yet be immediately in touch should the phone ring? No, manipulating your smartphone while in the yakusi is the best way to have to buy a new one (if it ever slips from your hands)! If you turn your cell line into a landline with our Cell line Converter so your home phones come alive on the cell line, you will be up for the best experience of communication in your yakusi, including Auto-Answer communication.

Auto-Answer is great for pregnant women with limited mobility as well. You can even monitor the new born in the other room while still able to receive external calls. Auto-Answer is as easy to put in effect as it is to cancel. Some have combined Auto-Answer with a headset plugged in a mobile speakerphone for a unique experience of absolute freedom to move around all their location and still take a home office phone calls totally hands-free. In that event, to take your incoming calls, no need at all hit a button on the handset. The user simply gets a warning tone direct from the headset and your call will be automatically connected thereafter, while hands and fingers keep otherwise busy!

The MiniCom Unit is very easy to install. Sit he box on the floor, plug it in any phone jack and plug your speakerphone in the extension jack of the box. Done! Hide the box instead behind the scene, i.e. a piece of furniture, if you so wish. If you want Auto-Answer in multiple phones, then you might either need the Plug-in Kit or install the box at the headend of the phone line in your premise, which may require some tooling. If you need a commercial-grade installation, i.e. in an institution or business location, then tooling by a competent hand will be needed. Other handy intercoms for small commercial outfits, i.e. restaurant, or institutions available here.

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