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Ennovah Q-26/DPC Controller
Indoor Voice Page with Monitoring & Door Entry Screening 

Sophisticated machine that provides indoor open voice broadcast intercom with monitoring as well as perimeter screening and access control.

Handset-to-speaker open voice intercom for indoor communication with basic reply from any in-use telephone handset. Optional hands-free reply with Auto-Answer Speakers from up to 20ft away from the set. Auto-Answer Speakers are great for playrooms, children's bedrooms or the elderly's as monitoring and communication devices.

Keen monitoring capabilities with dedicated Monitoring Sets or Auto-Answer Speaker sets, all picking sounds at broad pickup range and delivering into speakerphones or handsets. With optional auto Sweeper for up to 4 sound sources. Use any universal multimedia speaker set or our amplified desktop or in-wall speakers for your wholehouse open voice page in any number of rooms. System requires audio adaptor accessory for each standard multimedia speakers (not required for our Speakers). Operates with optional in-wall speakers. Ready to interoperate with other vendor's wholehouse Music system. Silences background music during voice message delivery and automatically returns music at end of communication.

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Full 2-way doorphone communication with commercial-grade volume. Capability for duplex residence with 2-button Entry Panel. Capability to handle entry doorphone at 1000 ft away or more. 

Security monitoring services for home entrances/driveways with intrusion sensors and alert delivery directly to homeowner.  Directly compatible with DSL phone line with direct intercept of the standard twisted pair by the Controller. Expandable to 4 Doorphone/Auto-Answer ports. Unlimited number of standard Voice Page speakers and telephone sets (telephones subject to REN restriction). Able to totally operate as a stand-alone system (without a phone line).

Shares all the core functions of the Q-26/DXC Controller as listed below:

Door Answering
Audio-Video Monitoring
Compatibility with DSL Phone Lines
Security Monitoring
Duplex Door Entry Control
Door Release Controls
Scheduled Entry Access Control

Download all specifications. See feature set and applications. See a parts list for a video entry application. Choose a doorphone station. See associated accessories. Choose a doorphone station for anyone of the two models

Package Pricing

Q-26/DPC Telephone Integration Controller....................$439.95 only!  [Buy]
Add Audio Adaptor..............................................................................$9.95 ea.

Package includes: 

- (1) Q-26/DPC Telephone Integration Controller.Size: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in.
- (1) Built-in Duplex Interface Slot
- (1) Audio Out (Voice Only) Port
- (1) Mute Control and Volume Control for Audio Out
- (1) Built-in Doorphone/Auto-Answer Port
- (1) Built-in Doorchime Port
- (1) Built-in Doorstrike Port
- (3) Built-in Power Supplies: 12VDC, 24VDC, 18VAC
- (1) 12VDC Adaptor for Video Doorphone when ordered
- (1) Built-in Doorphone Interface Slot with 4 Ports
- (1) RJ45 Patch Cord for Multi-Doorphone system
- (1) Set of Instructions Material and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty

Does not include none of the peripherals shown in picture.


Ennovah Q-26/IV Controller

Handset-to-Speaker Voice Page System
Open Voice Broadcast intercom
from any home handset to wholehouse speakers. Handset-to-handset answer back capability. Use any set of multimedia speakers (computer speakers) of your choice: low-cost speaker set or quality surround sound speaker set (for music). Or in-wall Speakers of your choice. All speakers plugging into home phone jacks and using one single CAT5 pair of wires running serially jack to jack or home run to Controller. Unlimited number of speaker sets. Each speaker set plugs into the wall phone jack with a mini audio adaptor hookup accessory. Nicely complements multi-handset wireless phone systems with wholehouse open voice page from home phone handsets. Directly compatible with DSL phone line with direct headend intercept of the standard twisted pair carrying the phone line. May perfectly be used without a phone line in commercial applications.

Music-on-Hold or custom message from any sound instrument to remote subscriber-line caller put on hold. Expandable into a wholehouse music distribution system with DPX expansion card (DPX-22 or DPX-44). With optional capability for two-zone paging and wholehouse music from two distinct music sources which are selectable from handsets. Optional music distribution with own in-wall speakers. As is, ready to interoperate with other vendor's wholehouse music distribution system so users may do open voice pages off the in-wall music speakers pertaining to that other system. And more...

Download all specifications (pdf)See feature set and typical applications See optional expansion cards. See accessories.

Package includes:

- (1) Q-26/IV Telephone Integration Controller. Size: W11 in x H12 in x D3.5 in.
- (2) Audio Out (Voice Only and Music) Ports
- (1) Mute Control and Volume Control for Audio Out
- (1) Music-on-Hold Port
- (1) Set of Instructions Material and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty


Q-26/IV Telephone Integration Controller..............$299.95 only!  [Buy]
Add Audio Adaptor.................................................................$9.95 ea.




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